¡Hola!, ¿qué tal? Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

I am María, I am a Spanish girl, currently living in Luxembourg, nice to meet you!

I have been into sports since I was so little I cannot even remember (tennis, running, Pilates, biking, swimming, volleyball, windsurfing…), and almost every single day I move for at least 30-45 minutes (or till I reach my smartwatch steps objective 😉 ), regardless how busy my day has been. Since I was born with an issue on my lower back, I started doing Pilates exercises when I was 8 years old, at the physiotherapy of the hospital, and have kept doing it ever since. Those two elements (active lifestyle and Pilates) help me keep my back pain at bay, and also stay in shape and be in a much better mood ;). You could easily see me performing some abs in a park or the beach during my baby´s nap, running with the stroller at 6:30 am, or simply stretching while watching a film with my hubby during the evening. Every moment is an opportunity to be active!



I did my studies in Madrid and some time Paris as well and I worked in a multinational company over the past decade, first in Madrid and secondly in Hong Kong. I liked my life a lot, I really enjoyed the job, studying the market and the consumers, creating the best products to fit their needs, be challenged by the budget every year, meeting incredible colleagues all over the world, facing the customers…

Living in Hong Kong for several years was a great personal and professional experience. Not only my son was born there, but it is also the place where I grew a lot as a person, became more open-minded, traveling and learning about different cultures, cuisines, habits and ways of doing things. That somehow shook me, so during this period is when the idea to write my own blog began to take shape.



Many friends and colleagues have always asked me how I cook quick but healthy recipes, which different sports I practice to stay in shape, and tips on how to squeeze all of this into our busy XXI century lifestyle. As a busy worker, and later on, as a very busy working mom, I know how difficult it could be to find the time for exercising and cooking healthy yet yummy food on a daily basis, spending minimum amount of time.

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits for me is so natural, and I enjoy it so much, that my friends usually make fun of it. For my 30th birthday, instead of a cake, they brought lettuce with some candles on top. Lol. (Please note that the real cake came after, thank God! Having and enjoying these cheat meals is also part of life).


When I got pregnant I also became very interested in pregnancy and post-natal fitness, which I put into practice myself and helped other friends to stay the most healthy possible during this period of their lives.


It has been back to Europe when I have definitely started this exciting journey: build up a blog to help people live a healthier lifestyle, by providing them with organizational tips, recipes and workouts, so they can naturally integrate them into their lives. The city of Luxembourg allows me to live the healthy life I want: relatively small city yet international, where you can get anywhere by bike (yay! my dream!), plenty of green areas and parks equipped with public machinery, where you can practice your fav sports, many public swimming pools at an affordable budget, and all this, children friendly.

cropped-aprt59221.jpgFurthermore, I have recently become a Pilates instructor, because I do agree (and have personally experienced) that Pilates is the perfect activity to build strong core muscles that will protect your back whilst toning up your body. The best combination for a healthy body and mind comes from cardio workout, muscle toning, Pilates and of course, good nutrition.

All of this is what I am passionate about, if you also are, let´s get in touch! 🙂